7 comments on “Running Contiki 2.7 CC2538DK Demo

  1. Thanks very much!

    One of the best hands-on on installing and compiling Contiki under Windows!

    Contiki promises to be one of the best LPW OS, but it’s very difficult to surf the code and the documentation available on web is not so good and very confusing.

    I’ll continue to follow your very clear “lessons”!


    • Thanks, Giovanni. I wish I had more time to work on this. Anyway, I am preparing a guide to debug CC2538DK, but need more time to finish it. Stay tuned 😉

  2. Nice work. Can you please give information about contiki 2.7 and cc2530. need to get hex file from contiki to dump on cc2530.

  3. Thanks Leo,

    The above example worked fine for me in Contiki. I am able to see the output in LINUX terminal window within Instant-Contiki-2.7.

    However, on using Coolterm (host machine i.e. on Windows 7), I am able to see only transmitter output but not Receiver output owing to 104 Framing Error, 103 break error, etc.

    How do I debug it to see the receiver output?

    Thanks a lot,

  4. Hi thanks for the lovely information it was indeed very useful. I am trying to get a working code that will upload sensor data onto cloud like thingspeak using http. Are you aware about any such working code.

  5. Hi Leo,

    Did you install the Code::Blocks with the TDM-GCC compiler? They have 3 available downloadable options.

    Thanks for your guide.


  6. Hi
    Thanks.Everything worked perfectly!

    You have made a file xx.cbp so that I could build example cc2538dk. Does same cbp works for all examples else how it can be created?


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