5 comments on “Running C Function in RAM on MSP430 Devices

  1. Awesome. Exactly what I’ve been trying to do to lower power in my system. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that my MSP430G2553 is rather limited in its memory, so I guess this won’t help. I’ve been following this MSP430 tutorial and didn’t realize until much later that to do this RAM capability I’d need a lot of RAM.

    • Jane, you are correct. Actually running code from SRAM would make more sense for devices which has much bigger SRAM size. Anyway I decided to write it for MSP430G2553 since the MSP-EXP430G2 Launchpad is the most popular kit for MSP430.

  2. I want to write function into flash only but at specific address but it won’t work using CODE_SECTION and i am using CCS.
    can you help?
    I want some detail info on memory and section in linker part

  3. Thanks for posting this.

    I had forgotten that the end application had to manually copy code from flash to sram with CCS.

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