Recently I was working on a small project for USB host of FTDI chips. The goal is to create a small application on a ARM Cortex-M microcontroller with USB interface which shall be the master/host of a FTDI chip. Since FTDI only delivers compiled drivers, it was quite hard to find any references this until I found the open source project libFTDI. libFTDI is based on another open source project called libusb and although per default both projects are intended for Linux operating System, there are already some ports for Windows operating system.

One of the libFTDI developer called Xiaofan posted recently his port of libFTDI for Windows. At first I was really confused how to make the libFTDI works since I tried to install libusb manually, and it took me several days to get it running. So for the sake of others, I am posting here what I did to make the libFTDI under windows.

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